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Do you provide services for commercial buildings?

We do not typically do commercial cabinetry as most of it consists of laminate and particle board. If solid wood is required we are more than happy to meet your needs!

Should I refinish my cabinets or buy new cabinets?

Occasionally we will refinish cabinets. Usually its more cost effective to replace and have a solid set of cabinets that will increase the value of your home.

What is the process for a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

We will work with you or your contractor. Once the you have your plan in place we will meet with you and get your design finalized. When the space is ready we will install for you.

Will you help me choose what materials to use?

Whether you’re painting or staining, we will help you pick the wood that complements your finish the most.

What if I want to match a color but don't know what it is?

Our team of professionals can match a color whether you know what it is or not. Just bring us what you would like us to match.

How much does it cost for cabinetry and install services?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to pricing. The material, finish, and amount of cabinetry are just a few. It’s really best to get in touch with us and we will provide a free customized quote of what you’re looking for.

How do your compare to those of other cabinetry companies in the area?

We provide a solid wood construction of cabinets with custom finishing. Most cabinet companies don’t provide finishing. The ability to do this before installing results in a more furniture like cabinet than others can offer.

How do I clean my cabinets?

Use a damp cloth to wipe remove dust and debris. DO NOT use products such as Pledge or Murphy’s Oil. Prolonged use of such products will produce a cloudy haze.

Can I use chemical cleaners on cabinets?

DO NOT use chemical cleaners on finished surfaces. Doing so can result in the stripping of the finish causing permanent damage.

Can I put hot pots, plates, or mugs on wood tops?

Hot items should never be placed directly on wood finished surfaces. It will permanently damage the finish. Simply use coasters or hot pads to avoid such possibilities.

I didn't use a coaster for a glass and it left a ring, now what?

If a glass has sweated and left a ring on your wood top try using a slightly dampened soft cloth to rub out the ring. Using other materials may result in scratching and permanent damage of the finish.

My children or grandchildren marked my cabinets with a marker, is it ruined?

In the event of children marking your cabinets. Try using a damp rag to remove the markings. If a permanent marker was used, try a rag dampened slightly with mineral spirits to remove markings. DO NOT use lacquer thinner.





I accidentally scratched my cabinet what can I do to fix it?

Use the provided paint and brush touch up kit. Brush a thin coat on affected area, be careful not to apply too much, and allow 24 hrs. to dry.

Can I use paint or stain pens from big box stores for touch ups?

Yes! Those can work wonders if you need to fix nicks and scratches. If you don’t have access to one of these try one of the options below.

I scratched my dark painted or stained cabinet what can I do?

You can use a permanent marker to lightly rub over the spot. Do not apply too much as it can make it stand out worse.

I scratched my dark stained or glazed cabinet what can I do?

Use shoe polish to closest to the color and lightly apply. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove excess.

My doors are out of adjustment what can I do about it?

Link to blum door adjustments video.

My drawers need adjusting what can I do about it?

Link to blum drawer adjusting video.

Extra maybe a door and drawer removal for spring cleaning video?

Link to video.

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